Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mayhue Bostic began playing music in the third grade. The son of a Baptist minister (and part-time jazz flutist) took to music early on learning flute, trumpet, piano and several other instruments in grade school. At 12-years old, Mayhue discovered the guitar. Immediately drawn to its expressive sound and influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck and Danny Gatton, the guitar quickly became his passion.

As a teen Mayhue developed diverse musical tastes from rock, to soul, to blues and beyond, which allowed him to cross-over many genres and kept him in high-demand as a player. During this time Mayhue's true heart was drawn to the creative freedom of the jazz/funk/fusion music pioneered by greats like Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, George Benson, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny and Frank Gambale, all of whom have influenced Mayhue's own playing style greatly.

Mayhue graduated Morris College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree and moved to South Carolina where he worked behind the scenes in the television industry. Throughout his "normal" career, Mayhue never gave up on his lifelong dream to write, perform, record and teach music. During this period he studied with noted musical educators Warren Nunes & Jon Wheatley and continued to perform as often as possible either solo or collaborating with others. It is his combined musical skill and technical knowledge that make Mayhue a natural bandleader and teacher.

As an adult, Mayhue has successfully managed to transition his career goals away from television to focus on his love of music. Since then, he has played in venues across the country; completed a 12-city tour in Italy culminating with a performance at the Centrino Jazz Festival in 2005; served as band director for the prestigious Beck Academy in Greenville, SC; and is currently pursuing a Masters of Music Degree in Jazz Studies.

Mayhue resides in Chester, SC and is a frequent performer on the Upstate Carolina regional music circuit. His musical leadership qualities are evident in his hosting of the monthly Jazz Jam Sessions at the Cube NoDa Performing Arts Center in Charlotte. And his band, the Mayhue Bostic Group, is an eclectic mix of semi-regulars and diverse guest performers who serve up classic, contemporary jazz, funk and R&B soundscapes at several Carolina venues such as: Utopia, The Conundrum, Brown Street Club, High Cotton, Blues Boulevard Jazz Club and Le Cafe Jazz.

Mayhue is a devoted father to his children; proud member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; tireless advocate of music education; and a thoughtful and compassionate soul. His goal at this stage of his life is to become a music professor, author, educator, composer and performer. Lofty ambitions for sure, but given his track record - he is a good bet to achieve on every level.



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June through December - Mayhue will be hosting the monthly Jazz Jam Sessions at Cube NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

The Mayhue Bostic Group is available for immediate bookings. Call (864) 918-0951 for available dates and times.


The Mayhue Bostic Group are:

Dawn Nicole Anthony (Vocals)
Letron Brantley (Sax)
Ocie Davis (Drums)
John Simmons (Piano)
Wil Thompson (Bass)
and others!

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You can contact Mayhue by phone at (864) 918-0951. You can also stay in touch via email or follow Mayhue and his band on Facebook.




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